Automat Helps Sally Hansen in Identifying the KPIs

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January 22, 2022


Automat has helped Sally Hansen by identifying the KPIs, designing and creating the bot conversation


Automat is a well-known e-commerce personalization and recommendation platform helping businesses with its conversational AI, product recommendations, and delivering personalized eCommerce experiences.  The platform helps businesses to listen to their customers, learn their needs to provide a better customer experience. 

Sally Hansen, which is a part of the Coty consumer beauty family, is an iconic nail care brand that was awarded many for its offerings of over 300 shades in 55 countries across the globe. The brand offers nail color, nail care, hair removal, beauty tools, and sunless tanning. The nail care brand Sally Hansen sought to launch a festive campaign that consumers could engage with truly. And working with Automat, sally Hansen developed a “Festive Reds” holiday campaign that benefitted the users in finding their perfect shade of red with conversational AI, increasing engagement by generating more direct connections with consumers. 



Automat has helped Sally Hansen by identifying the KPIs, designing and creating the bot conversation, aligning the bot creative with the campaign creative, and managing and reporting and delivering the data. 

Automat has worked with Sally Hansen to position a strategy around the holidays called “Festive Reds”. This campaign intended to leverage seasonal interest with a vibrant UX that would resemble the same vibrant and expressiveness of Sally Hanen’s products. This points to a successful model that can be leveraged elsewhere – namely, an engaging and context-driven campaign that utilizes a unique media buy and a contest or giveaway to generate maximum value and engagement.  

The Festive Reds campaign was geared towards both engaging new users and promoting Sally Hansen’s hottest seasonal collection:

1) Users answered 4 quiz questions to find their perfect red based on skin tone, undertone, and personal style. 

2) By completing the quiz, users were entered into a contest that gives them a chance to win a set of limited-edition festive red nail polishes. 

3) Users who shared their email addresses within the bot were entered into the contest, while those who opted out of sharing their email were still able to find their perfect shade of red.

4) The campaign was also used as an opportunity to further engage users with unique content, allowing them to access nail art inspiration, as well as tutorials.

5) Having discovered their perfect shade of red, the quiz ends by allowing users to discover other functionalities within Sally Hansen’s Conversational AI.

For better customer experience, Automat has given a brief about the contest once the customer interacts with the AI, the bot gives out all information. Later it has created a beauty profile for expressing their preferences and interests this is an added advantage of conversational AI. This also helps in re-mending, allowing the brand to personalize future communications. After which the conversational AI generates the emails which serve as the core metric for this campaign. Once the quiz is completed users are presented with a set of unique recommendations.  It also establishes Sally Hansen as an expert in nail art and nail trends, which has an increasingly vibrant online and real-world community. 



The results have turned out great. This conversational AI has 2.43 minutes of engagement per conversation. And the number of the people who exited from the quiz is 0. While coming to insights 85% email opt-in (17x more than on the website). While coming to conversations around 11,000 emails have been captured with one 5-day campaign. 

“Automat built a compelling case for conversational AI, ultimately giving our brand a voice that was truly our own. Their technology, understanding of the consumer, and the ability of their customer success team to identify the most effective ways for our brand to add value through conversational AI are unparalleled among competitors. With Automat, we collected more than 11,000 emails at an 85% opt-in rate, with 2.43 minutes of engagement per conversation. Almost no users exited the experience, showing outstanding value to our customers, and generating substantial engagement for our brand.” Jon-Michael Oliva, Senior Digital Manager Global & US for Coty and Sally Hansen. 

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