Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of Human kinds.

Experts believe that over the next century, the rise of artificial intelligence will make many people better off, but are often worried on how developments in AI will impact what it means to be human, to be efficient and to exercise free will.

Digital life is rising technological capabilities and challenging human activities which  are decades old. Code-driven system  have extended environmental  information  and  communication to more than half  of  the world’s  people,  providing  unimaginable  possibilities and unparalleled risks.  As  evolving  artificial  intelligence  (AI)  powered  by  algorithms keeps spreading, will humans be well off than they really are today?

Networked artificial intelligence, the experts expected, would amplify human  productivity but also threaten human autonomy, organisation and capabilities. They
talked about the wide-ranging  possibilities  that  computers  could  equal  or  even  surpass human intellect and abilities in tasks such as critical decision,  thinking  and  understanding,advanced analytics and identification of patterns, cognitive ability,  analysis of expression and translation of language. In communities, in cars, they say  “smart systems” will operate.
In diagnosing and treating patients or helping senior citizens live fuller and healthier  lives, many based their positive remarks on health care and the many potential  applications of AI. They were also optimistic about the role of AI in leading to vast  public-health programmes built around vast quantities of  knowledge that  could  be  collected in the coming years on everything from  individual genetics to food.
Yet so many analysts have expressed concern about the long term effect  of  these  new  tools on  the  basic  elements of  becoming  human,  regardless  of  whether  they  are  positive or not. Both participants were asked to explain why they thought AI would
leave people much better off not in this non-scientific campaigning. Several voiced  grave concerns, and some even proposed directions to alternatives. In the 
accompanying table, the main themes  they  learned  about threats  and  solutions  are  illustrated.
What will be the future of human kind if we develop an AI system with its own thinking. Will they wipe us out of this planet or they will be kind on us. As shown on sci-fi movies that some of them will be on our site as our helpers just like the skins in the games and the others will be in opposition. Or they become our injectors to protect us from aliens. Are we the slaves of the future or the kings, there are lots of questions and the answer is in the future.

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