All You Wanted to Know About the Security+ SY0-601 But Were Afraid to Ask!

CompTIA Security+ is the top cybersecurity certification. Security+ certification is in high demand and continues to function as an essential certification for professionals starting an IT career or constructing a cybersecurity career. In addition to this, Security+ certification can be accepted by the Department of Defense (DoD) to meet Directive 8570.01 -M requirements. If you are seeking employment in the government, then it is a required certification. CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 is the current Security+ exam and will be available to take until the Spring of 2021. However, the Safety + SY0-601 is scheduled to be published in October of 2020. If you are a security expert and you are trying to decide which certification is best for you to learn more about each exam, check out the information below:
Did you hear about the CompTIA SY0-601 Security+ exam?
We have been getting several questions indicating some people hear about it. More, a lack of clear advice is causing some anxiety. However, most individuals do not have to be worried about the SY0-601 Exam until May 2021. Based on CompTIA history with the Security+ exam, there are several things we could predict, even without any public releases from CompTIA.

Are SY0-601 Objectives Available?

Yes, they were released in July 2020 at Dumps4free.

How Long CompTIA SY0-501 Exam Remain Available?

CompTIA announced it would be available until July 2021. As an example, the SY0-501 exam went lived in October 2017. The SY0-401 exam was expired on July 31, 2018. Retiring an exam in July enables high school students to take the exam after the school year.

Should I Quit Study for the SY0-501 Exam?

No, a lot of people have been studying for the SY0-501 exam. Just because the SY0-601 is coming does not mean that they should abandon their efforts and restart with the SY0-601 exam. CompTIA will give you six months to complete the SY0-501 exam after the SY0-601 exam is published. This is plenty of time to finish your studies rather than starting over.

Should I Wait for the SY0-601 Exam?

No, The SY0-501 is a known entity. There are loads of materials that cover the exam. For example, we hear from people virtually every day telling us that they passed the exam using the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Study Guide.
Additionally, most folks take and pass the SY0-501 exam within about 40 days after they begin studying. Some people do this in 10 days or less.
By following the SY0-501 now, you will quickly have this cert in your rearview mirror. Many people require the Security+ certification for their current job or get accepted in a better job. By waiting, you may miss out on what is next for you.
The SY0-601 examination is a bit of an unknown, and SY0-601 has several new topics. How will these item writers interpret these topics? Based on earlier studies, we can expect some surprises.

How Long will my Certification Be Valid?

For three decades, some folks wonder if they will need to take the SY0-601 after it goes live, even if they took and passed the SY0-501 examination. The answer is NO. After passing the CompTIA Security+ exam, your certification is valid for three years. It does not matter which version you took for certification.

Is There Any Strength to Taking the SY0-601 Exam?

Not right now; if you pass a Security+ certification examination, you are Security+ certified. Hiring managers do not care what version you took as long as your certificate is still valid and has not retired. They only thing you want to know if you got the certification.
Some people value “bragging rights.” To put it differently, they want to be able to state that they passed the newest examination. For passing the SY0-601 exam gives them these bragging rights.

Will Dumps4free Develop Study Materials for the SY0-601 Assessment?

Dumps4free already launch the CompTIA SY0-601 Exam Questions and Study Material that are available on the Dumps4free website.


Yes, CompTIA will gradually release the SY0-601 exam. We knew that back in 2017. There are always be a new version on the horizon. However, for many people, it does not matter. At least until May 2021. If you start analyzing in May 2021 (or later), it is ideal for studying for the SY0-601 variation because CompTIA is very likely to retire the SY0-501 examination in July 2021. Until then, taking and passing the SY0-501 test will provide you the Security+ certification. As soon as you have it, it will be valid for three years.

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