9 Health Benefits of green onion

Green onions are used to add to the taste of dishes. Often spring onions, as green onions are also known as, are used to garnish the dishes, soups or scrambled eggs. Compared to full matured onions, these premature onions are less pungent in taste.
But they are as good to our health as fully grown up onions. The ingredients in them help our body and health in several ways. Without changing the taste of the dish, garnishing with green onions help us to add nutrient value to salads, soups, and roasted chicken. The consumption style depends on our taste and convenience as green onions can be used in raw form or in cooking.

Neutralize free radicals

The antioxidant in soft green onions kills harmful free radicals in our body. These radicals damage blood vessels, which reduces the blood flow towards the pelvic area. The damaged blood vessels fail to support the sufficient amount of blood supply to the body. In males reduced blood supply also causes erection issues. So, spring onions must be part of the diet for everyone to check the prevent damage to health by free radicals.

Natural anti diabetes food

Allyl propyl disulphide in tender onions helps us to keep check on glucose levels. Chromium is another important ingredient of the onions that is used by the body to keep glucose levels in check. The same mineral is also used for metabolic processes. In addition to keeping blood vessels free from damage by free radicals, the check on diabetes helps us to prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases. For males, both diabetes and damaged blood vessels are enemies of a healthy blood flow which is essential for a smooth erection process. Any disturbance in blood flow due to any lifestyle diseases causes erection issues leading to difficulties in getting and sustaining an erection. Males with erection issues then need medical guidance to overcome the issue. Doctors prescribe Cialis 60mg online help them get over erection problems. But natural remedies include increasing intake of soft green onions; it is easy to keep the issue at bay.

Prevent common cold

Fight flu, viral infection, and cold with just a couple of green onions. Extract juice from the soft branch by chewing it to melt mucus. Fresh green stems and firm white bulbs have a chemical that melts the phlegm. Use fresh stems with salads or with scrambled eggs to get the benefits for beating cold.

Lessen the risk of cancer

Allyl sulfide, a sulfur compound reduces the chances of colon cancer in users. The plant based antioxidant prevents damage from free radicals to cells to manage the risk of cancer. A balanced diet with vegetables including green onions is the best way to prevent the development of colon cancer.

Protect digestive health

Cure any stomach issue or indigestion issue with just sparking fresh soft onions to the diet. The dietary fiber ensures that your stomach is cleared of any waste without any bowel issue. Digestive health creates a foundation for better health and circulation of blood in the body.

Protect health from infections

The vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that protects our body from infection and germs by boosting our immunity. The green onions have a good amount of vitamin C. In addition to this, the vitamin K and sulfur ensure smooth blood circulation. It also leads to absorption of the vitamin B complex into the body. The overall impact will be felt in more energy, less fatigue and better circulation for a smooth erection. It has been often observed that lack of energy leads to low desire, which makes it difficult to get a smooth erection even with Sildenafil citrate 150mg, which doctors prescribe for erection. So a natural diet consisting of green onions ensures natural energy and health, which help in physical activities.

Keep joints healthy

Sulfur compound in soft green onions stems acts as a strong anti inflammatory agent. It is a strong support of bone health. An American health expert mentions that plant based organ sulfur compounds protect joints and ensure that arthritis issues never interfere with daily life.

Healthy heart

Potassium in green stems of onions keeps blood pressure issues in check. It widens the blood vessels to create extra space for smooth blood flow to reduce pressure of blood on blood vessel walls.

Low calories

Soft green onions can be one of the best diets for calorie conscious eaters. One cup of servings will have only 32 calories. You can increase the intake of onions by spreading them on dishes, salads or adding to eggs.


Fresh green onions are multiple health benefits along with their taste to any dish. You can increase their intake through cooking them with dishes or adding them after cooking to enhance the taste of your favorite items.

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