8 Benefits of Using an iPad as Part of Your Creative Workflow

8 Benefits of Using an iPad as Part of Your Creative Workflow

As creators, we’ve got countless tools to help us earn a good living from our passions these days. But as we grow, managing our workflow becomes more difficult if we don’t stay on top of things.

Regardless of whether you’re a photographer, designer, or something else, you need effective systems in place to succeed. If you lack these, each day will begin to feel directionless—and eventually, everything will fall apart.

One of the best tools for keeping everything in order is an iPad. This article will identify the eight main benefits of using one as part of your creative workflow.

1. Better Efficiency While Working

In most creative fields, you’ll need to meet strict deadlines. And while your laptop is an excellent tool for getting most things done, you might want to keep the needle moving forward in situations where switching your computer on isn’t very practical.

One of the best things about using an iPad for your creative workflow is that you can use it pretty much anywhere. You can easily sync your documents and visuals across multiple devices, allowing you to continue a project without unnecessary friction.

2. Separate Your Work From Your Personal Devices

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Regardless of whether you work for yourself or someone else, setting boundaries can be challenging. Many people use the same computer for work and personal tasks, and it’s not uncommon for them to mix work and life on their phones, too.


When you add an iPad to your creative workflow, it’ll be easier to separate your work and personal life. You don’t need to watch YouTube tutorials on your smartphone, nor is it necessary to use the same device for tasks like photo editing.

Of course, this benefit only works if you strictly use your iPad for creating, learning, and working. Avoid downloading apps if they don’t relate to these, such as Netflix.

3. Experimentation

As you gain more creative experience, you’ll probably want your style to evolve and reflect this. But if you’re used to editing projects for clients on your laptop, and you don’t want to use this device in your spare time, experimentation becomes more challenging.

You can always use your smartphone, but you’ll probably find the small screen quite annoying. With an iPad, you can test new styles to see what you do and don’t like—similar in size to your laptop.

Once you’ve found a style or prototype that you like, you can recreate it for real on your computer.

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4. Additional Space

Anyone that has used any form of technology for an extended period will be all too familiar with how annoying it is to have no space left on your disk. Many creatives work with huge file sizes, which can occur frequently.

One solution is to buy hard drives that are big enough to store all your files. However, things can get messy if you hold anything and everything on these—so it’s worth only keeping the most critical files on there.

For experiments and things you’re not 100% certain are worth keeping, you can keep them on your iPad. You’ll still need to clear out the space to keep everything in check, but you won’t fill up your laptop or external storage anywhere near as fast.

5. Improved Personal Organization

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We’ve already discussed how including an iPad in your workflow can help you work uninterrupted on projects across several devices. Well, it can also help you keep personal things in check.

When you use your computer for everything, it’s easy for to-do lists, meetings, and anything else you might need to get lost in the noise. To fix this, you can use an iPad to keep track of deadlines and set reminders when you have to talk to someone.

You can use several apps to help you organize better, such as Todoist.

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6. A Bigger Screen for Learning

Online learning grew significantly in the late 2010s and early 2020s, and with so many free resources available, learning the skills you need to succeed as a creative has never been easier.

Many online learning platforms are compatible with your iPhone or Android device. However, concentrating on such a small screen is difficult; it might work if you listen to audio content, but it’s a little less helpful for taking notes and engaging with visuals.

Using an iPad to learn new creative skills gives you a bigger screen for learning and helps you implement the information you’ve picked up along the way.

7. Using Less Paper

Photo of an iPad and separate tools

Sometimes, there is no substitute for paper. For many people, journaling is much more effective when you physically write—and a lot of individuals prefer reading a real-life book than on a Kindle.

However, using paper isn’t always the most efficient way to get things done; you might never look at your notes again if you write them down and store the pad somewhere once it’s full. Plus, the environmental impact of constantly using paper is huge.

With an iPad, you can easily keep your notes together without using paper. The Notes app is efficient and free, and you can pin essential documents to the top for easy access. You can also use Google Docs and Microsoft Word as an alternative to Notes.

8. Keep Clients in the Loop

As a creative, few things are more annoying than notifications distracting you while you’re in a flow state. If you constantly check your instant messaging apps and emails, you’re taking time away from more critical tasks that will move you in the direction you want to go.

A straightforward alternative is to delete these apps from your computer and log out of your email inbox. Instead, you can install these apps on your iPad and check them at scheduled times throughout the day.

When you’re finished working and are using your iPad for learning or something else, you can either delete the apps or switch off their notifications.

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When used correctly, technology can help you become more efficient with your creative workflow without needing to do much. An iPad is an excellent investment if you want to streamline your systems and set boundaries.

Once you’ve bought your iPad, remember that you’ll only reap these benefits to the max if you strictly use the device for creative purposes. Try to avoid downloading apps that you use in your free time.

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