7 Things to Keep in Mind for Job Interviews

7 Things to Keep in Mind for Job Interviews

Depending on the type of job, the attire can be selected accordingly for the job interview. Suppose you are looking for a job in a big corporate firm. In that case, you have to be more careful about your attire no matter the position you are applying for. Still, if you are applying for someplace casual, you can go there wearing your leather jacket. But it is still better to quit the idea of wearing your leather jacket or other such casual stuff.

Do not wear bright colour

No matter how good bright colour looks to you or complements your personality, you still should skip the idea of wearing them to a job interview and make sure the colours you are looking for are the basic colours. Even if you want your dress to have some colour, you should probably stick to the pastels to look better on you. You should seem serious about your job interview. Wearing bright colours in your interview doesn’t scream seriousness about the job interview.

A blazer won’t fix your outfit

Most people like to think that wearing a blazer will fix the problem, which is completely incorrect. Wearing a blazer with any outfit won’t make your outfit look better. If you want your whole attire to be professional, you need to match it with a dress shirt and pants. If you are going to make your outfit work with a blazer, then you might as well wear another jacket. If you are wearing proper attire, it will increase your chances of getting the job because of your professional behaviour.

Don’t be too casual

Where you are not supposed to be too flashy, you shouldn’t also be too casual. Make some effort, and it should be enough not to go unnoticed. Picking your dress and your overall physical appearance presentable is very important. You shouldn’t be casual about your outfit and behaviour as well. When you are giving an interview, you should be a little relaxed, but that won’t happen in your casual outfit. Wearing t-shirts, leather jackets, and hoodies is a bad choice when you are going for an interview.

Avoid outdated looks

While trying the modest, you should know the difference between it and be outdated. Find out which kind of professional loos are people going for, and that should be your how-to look if you can pull it off. Wearing the latest fashion and trends that are modest and presentable will give the employer the idea that you keep up with new things. You will have an entirely positive effect when you are wearing something outdated. Looking trendy is good for your interview look. But avoid the fashion trends like leather jackets and other sorts of jackets. 

Don’t overdo your makeup

A light makes important when you are going to an interview if you want to look too dead. But you also have to be very careful while doing your makeup so you don’t end up overdoing it. A nude lip colour with a little enhancement of some of your features is enough. Don’t wear bright colours, and don’t overdo your makeup. for your eye makeup, a small dab of mascara or a very subtle liner is enough. Conceal your dark circles well to look presentable but don’t be too cakey while doing that.

Don’t accessorize too much

Accessories look better when you are getting ready for a date or an event but not when you are going for an interview. Wearing little accessories will be good but don’t accessories too much. Know when to stop when you are getting your accessories on. Too many accessories might look good with your leather jacket but not with your professional attire for your interview.

Don’t wear too much cologne

Wearing a minimum amount of cologne or perfume is the key to putting a good impression. Now, this is something that you should practice in everyday life and your interview day. You must be aware of your perfume and how hard it smells. So, make sure you make only one or two sprints of it. Any more than that will be against the basic ethics and definitely won’t put a good impression on your interview.


The conclusion to the above discussion is that you need to be very careful while choosing an attire for your interview. A leather jacket is not a part of that attire. Your attire includes your clothes, shoes, makeup, and even the cologne you wear. All of this matters a lot because putting yourself together will represent the company at some point after your employment, and companies care about that too much. Even though you are interviewing at someplace casual, you have to dress properly for your first impression. You shouldn’t come out as too boring or too flashy. 

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