6 of the Best DIY Apple Watch Charging Stands

6 of the Best DIY Apple Watch Charging Stands

Whether you think purchasing an Apple Watch is worth it or not, having to spend even more money on a stand just sucks, with prices ranging from $60 to around $150 from the official Apple Store.

If you want to save some cash, consider making your own stylish stand with these affordable DIY watch stand ideas.

1. DIY iPad and Watch Stand

An iPad and Apple watch on a DIY wooden stand

If you like the look of a minimalist wooden stand that can fit your Apple Watch and your iPad too, then take a look at this project posted on Imgur.

The maker explains that the entire project took about an hour to complete, with the glue and stain taking 3 and 12 hours to dry, for the two main parts. The base is assembled from old drawer boards, glued together, cut, and then sanded to shape. Meanwhile, the watch stand is assembled from a dowel and used to hold the watch.

You will need to drill through the bottom of the dowel and the base so that the charging cables can be threaded through to charge the devices. The end product looks simple and presentable, and if you already have the tools and spare wood lying around, it will cost you a lot less than even the cheapest stand available from Apple.

2. The Easiest Apple Watch Stand/Charging Dock

The maker of this project describes it as the easiest Apple stand and charging dock that you can make for yourself. And after watching the video, he might be right. All you need for this project is your Apple Watch charger, a big paperclip, a cloth, and the loop accessory that comes with most Apple Watches.

Start by placing the cloth on the corner of a table and clamping the paperclip over both the cloth and corner. Next, tuck the remaining cloth into the loop accessory and hang your watch over the edge to test it out. And that’s it—you’ve just fashioned yourself an incredibly easy charging dock and stand for your Apple Watch.


3. Apple Watch Foam Stand

An apple watch resting on a DIY watch stand made from foam and covered in silk fabric

For this DIY project, you will need a charging cable, foam block, silk fabric, a stapler, duct tape, and a knife.

With the knife, cut the floral foam into shape so that your Apple Watch can rest comfortably on top of the foam block. You can refer to the images on Imgur to see exactly how this is done. Next, wrap the foam with silk and use staples where necessary to keep it in place. After that, try resting the watch on the charger to see how it fits. As the final project is incredibly light, you can use some duct tape to keep your stand in place.

That’s it, you’re done.

For a project that costs close to nothing and should take only about 10 minutes or so to construct, the results are pretty nice. You can get creative with the shape, size, and material you use for this simple project, making it an easy and versatile DIY stand.

4. Wooden Apple Watch Stand

An apple watch, iPhone and a pair of glasses on a wooden stand next to a dinosaur lamp

If you own an Apple Watch, iPhone, and a fancy pair of glasses, then you might want to make this handsome-looking stand. Admittedly, this project requires a bit of time and craftsmanship, but the results are fantastic. You can add it to the list of woodworking projects to enhance your tech.

First, you’ll need a few tools and a couple of blocks of wood—refer to these images on Imgur for a clear idea of how to construct the stand. Make sure you have a drill, chisel, hammer, nails, and some Apple chargers. You will need to drill two holes in the block of wood, and then chisel out a channel for the charging cables. The second block of wood can then be positioned near the holes to comfortably hold your glasses. Once this is done, hammer a nail near the first two holes you drilled; the nail is used to better hold the iPhone.

In the guide, it appears that the top of the nail is flattened so that the iPhone rests comfortably on the nail. If you’re worried about scratching your phone, consider fashioning the nail with a piece of cloth or replacing it with a piece of wood. The choice is yours. In any case, the finished product looks great

5. Use Your Apple Packaging to Make an Apple Watch Stand

Back to the basics. One easy and innovative way to charge and display your watch at the same time is to use the box that it came in.

Frankie Fultz explains how you can get the most out of your Apple Watch purchase by repurposing the packaging it comes in. The video shows you how you can turn the watch case into a charging bed with only a few cuts and holes. It then demonstrates how the original box can be used to hold the charging bed, which is about as easy as it gets for constructing your own stand.

6. Upcycled Apple Watch Stand

Here is yet another project which uses the Apple packaging from when you first buy your watch. If you remember buying an Apple Watch that came in a white plastic container, then you have the option of building this version of a watch stand that looks sleek and minimal.

To make this, you’ll need to cut a hole for the charger and also cut a channel for the charging cable. Once that’s completed, position the cable through the hole so that it sits upright; you can use duct tape to secure it in the process. Finally, slip the cable through the channel so that it sits nicely in the box. That’s it.

Create Your Own Apple Watch Stand

Whether you like the Apple ecosystem or not, shelling out more cash for something to rest your watch on seems illogical, especially if you can build an affordable stand yourself.

From watch stands made from recycled packaging to beautiful designs made from wood, there are plenty of ideas to help get you inspired.

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