5 Things Your PS5 Can Do While in Rest Mode

5 Things Your PS5 Can Do While in Rest Mode

Putting your console in rest mode is something that hasn’t really changed from the PS4 to the PS5. It is actually a really useful feature of the console.

If you aren’t sure why you should use the feature, here are a few advantages to putting your PS5 in rest mode instead of completely turning it off.

1. You Can Use Your PS5 Remotely for Games

One of the best things about keeping your PS5 in rest mode is the ability to use the console remotely through the mobile app. You can use the app to download and install games on your console while you’re out of the house, and your games will be ready to go as soon as you got back.

When your PS5 is in rest mode, you can also use the Remote Play feature to play PlayStation games on your mobile device. It’s worth mentioning that this app uses more data than other video streaming apps, so keep that in mind if you’re not using a stable Wi-Fi connection. But it’s an exceptional feature that lets you take most of your games with you on the go, awesome for traveling or long commutes.

Download: PlayStation App for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Download: PS Remote Play for Android | iOS (Free)

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2. Games Can Update Freely at Any Time

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Another nifty feature of your PS5’s rest mode is that your games can update whenever they need to. Whether a new update rolls out in the middle of the day or midnight, your PS5 will automatically update your games as soon as possible.


Then, when you’re ready to play your games, your console will have updated them, and you won’t have to wait through any pesky updates yourself.

3. Your Controllers Charge in Rest Mode

You probably know that your DualSense controllers can charge while your PS5 is on, but did you know they can also charge while your console is in rest mode?

This is excellent, because a lot of us forget to charge our controllers until we’re ready to play. By charging your controllers in rest mode, you’re saving a ton of power for your console but still setting yourself up for success in the future with fully charged controllers.

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4. Rest Mode Allows You to Suspend Your Game


Another thing rest mode allows you to do is suspend your games if you’re not ready to save and quit. This is super handy if you’re not quite at a checkpoint or save spot and have to leave your house for whatever reason. You can bring up the in-game menu to “pause” your game and then put your console in rest mode.

When you suspend a game with rest mode, it’s ready to go with no loading times when you come back to resume your game. It’s as if you left the game to check the PlayStation Store or change a setting on your PS5 and then immediately came back to your game.

5. Your Console Saves Power in Rest Mode

Obviously, turning your console off completely saves the most power when we’re comparing on, off, and rest mode. But rest mode hits that perfect balance between saving power for your PS5 while letting you carry out neat features that make your overall console experience more enjoyable.

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Learn All the PS5’s Nuances

Rest mode is one of many features of the PS5 that make it such a fantastic console in the PlayStation lineage. Although it may not be as impressive as a super speedy SSD or immaculate graphics, rest mode is one of those underrated aspects of the console that people should pay more attention to.

Keep learning all the intricate details of your console, and it’ll continue to amaze you.

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