5 Design Ideas for a Custom iPhone Case

5 Design Ideas for a Custom iPhone Case

Putting on a custom iPhone case is an awesome way to personalize the exterior of your device. With designs tailored to all kinds of individual tastes, custom iPhone cases make a nice gift, whether for someone else or a treat for yourself.

On the lookout for a custom iPhone case? Let’s explore the different types of customizations you can try out.

1. Custom Name Cases

names handwritten in cursive on colorful cards

Whether cursive or block, minimalist or patterned, seeing your name on your iPhone certainly gives you a sense of ownership and pride over your wonderful device. If you prefer a little mystique, you can opt to print only your initials or nickname, instead of your first name in full.

For name personalization, the features you can customize are usually the font type, size, and color. Also, you can often pick whether you want a transparent, embossed, or solid case. However, these options will vary with sellers and the customization templates they offer you.

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Take note to contrast the font color and background. For example, if you want a transparent case for your black iPhone, remember to pick a white font. Otherwise, your name won’t be visible on the case.

2. Design Your Own Case

iphone cases in yellow, red, light blue, and dark blue

Some phone accessory retailers have a “Design Your Own” feature that allows you to play around with the various layouts and templates.


If you often find yourself looking at ready-made cases and wondering things like, “If only this was on the left and the background was another color,” then exploring this option is a great way to get everything just right. You can find a design you already love, then add personal tweaks to get it exactly how you want.

For example, RhinoShield’s Harry Potter series allows you to mix and match designs and backgrounds. On platforms like Zazzle, you can also find themes designed by different sellers. Once you’ve got your case, you can even try customizing your iPhone Home Screen for a matching aesthetic.

3. Photo Printing

polaroid pictures and wooden clips

Another iPhone case style is to utilize custom photo printing. You can print a picture of your favorite celebrity or a selfie with your best friend, or anything else that takes your fancy. The surface finish tends to look smooth and glossy.

Since the photo will likely cover the back of the iPhone case completely, remember to choose a good, clear photo for the best result. As phone cases are “vertical” in shape, you should also avoid picking landscape-oriented images or very large closeups.

4. Hand-Drawn Portraits

watercolor drawing of woman on sketchpad with paintbrushes and art tools on white table

Hand-drawn portraits add a refined touch to your iPhone case. Once you send in a photo, the artist-cum-business-owner helps you immortalize that special moment by drawing and printing the completed art on your iPhone case. You could use photos taken with your partner, family, or a furry friend.

Naturally, this customization option is more expensive than photo printing. However, the case you’ll get is truly one of a kind. The price will vary depending on factors such as the number of subjects in the portrait and also whether it’s a black-and-white line drawing, partially colored, or fully colored piece.

It’s best to pre-order your iPhone case several weeks before you need it. This allows ample time for the artist to create and confirm your design before proceeding with the printing.

5. Fun and Elegant Charms

gold and silver charms accessories

Instead of focusing on the surface design of the iPhone case, an elegant alternative is a case that comes with custom charms.

Much like necklaces and bracelets, you can pick gorgeous charms that hold special meaning to you. Some sellers offer popular, symbolic charms like pearls and butterflies, as well as soft, gold-toned letters. Others go for the fun look by creating colorful, beaded charms.

The prices mainly vary depending on the material of the charms, which can range from lightweight plastic to metal.

The Best Custom iPhone Cases for You and Your Loved Ones

Instead of buying yet another mass-produced iPhone case, getting a customized case is an exciting way to express yourself. If you’re at a loss on what to gift your loved ones, a custom iPhone case is a thoughtful and practical item that they can use every day.

For iPhone cases with hand-drawn portraits or unique charms, Etsy is the best site to find small businesses that specialize in these products. For other customization options, you can check out Amazon, Zazzle, or other similar platforms.

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