4 Reasons You Should Be Upskilling Your Team

4 Reasons You Should Be Upskilling Your Team

What is upskilling? Upskilling is a gift that you give every member of your workforce. It allows them to transcend their current skill levels in any area—this includes soft skills like management and communication, as well as skills that relate directly to the industry that you’re a part of.

Here are four reasons why you should be making upskilling a priority for those that you lead, and a bit of the evidence behind this vital service. Can you say ROI?

1. Upskilling Improves Employee Retention

Two employees in a one-on-one meeting.

Employee turnover is a huge issue in tech, especially in fields like IT. Talent management is one way to engage a valuable employee and to encourage them to continue their journey under your brand.

An investment in an employee’s skillset is also a gesture of good faith on your part, as well—your workforce is much less likely to fear replacement by way of automation or outsourcing if you’re actively developing them within the company.

Show them that they have a role to play in your future. Give them everything that they’ll need to get there.

2. Upskilling Makes Your Company More Valuable

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Hiring, on-boarding, and training are all crucial processes, but when you’re constantly hiring and re-hiring for the same positions, you end up losing much more time, money, and productivity power than you would otherwise with every passing day.

Hiring is expensive, especially if you’re not doing the recruitment yourself. It’s much more cost-effective to simply find the right person and keep them, upskilling them as the demands of their role grow.


An organization is much more than the sum of its parts. What if all of the people on your team were worth twice as much as they’re worth currently? It doesn’t take a lot to drive growth like this in your workforce. You do the math.

3. A Skilled, Valued Employee Is Much Happier on Average

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Little compares to the sense of accomplishment associated with mastering a new skill or getting really interested in the latest that your industry has to offer. Upskilling your workforce in any capacity is one way that you can help them find new life in their daily duties and encourage them to go above and beyond.

An enriched employee is much more confident, capable, and adaptable; employee happiness and satisfaction has also been linked to improved sales and conversion rates, as well. If you give them the tools and the resources that they need to excel, you’ve already put the wind beneath their wings.

4. Upskilling Leads to Satisfied Clients and Real Results

A man in a business suit.

Think about it: what makes a happy customer? An attentive, knowledgeable, and passionate representative of your brand, somebody ready and waiting with the solutions that they need.

Upskilling can come in many forms; one of the most important types of upskilling is any effort expended to improve the customer’s experience. The more that you provide your team with in terms of what they have to offer to the customer, the more competent and helpful they stand to be at every intersection. It’s an impression that may pay off handsomely later on.

Upskilling and Reskilling: Take Your Team to the Next Level

Employee upskilling doesn’t necessarily have to come with an official certificate attached, although there are tons of ways to educate your workforce formally.

Instead, think about your upskilling strategy more along the lines of the results that you’re after when all is said and done. There are many skills that you won’t find represented in any official microcourse or professional retreat. Sometimes, everything an employee needs to elevate themselves is already right in your own backyard.

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