10 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety Before a Job Interview

10 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety Before a Job Interview

You’re on your way to an important job interview and suddenly your hands start sweating, your heart rate skyrockets, and your mouth is drier than the Sahara Desert. It’s completely normal to be a nervous wreck before a big moment in your life, like an interview, and the anxiety you’re feeling means that you want to do well.

However, anxiety can also trip you up and prevent you from having a successful interview. If you’re struggling to calm your nerves, try these 10 helpful tips.

1. Be Prepared

When people don’t know what to expect in a situation, they become nervous. That’s why there’s always so much stress and nervousness surrounding job interviews. If you prepare for the interview beforehand, you’ll be able to handle your nerves a lot better.

Preparing can be anything from researching the company, rehearsing answers to important questions, or coming up with some questions of your own. By doing your research and being prepared, you’ll know what to expect and get rid of that anxiety.

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2. Plan Your Day

Your day will go a lot smoother if you plan it around the interview. To ensure you’re not rushed, anxious, and stressed out the entire day, schedule your interview to be held in the morning.

Once you’ve planned out your day to avoid unnecessary stress, like traffic, make sure you get enough sleep the night before and stick to the timetable the next day. By doing this, you’ll feel more productive and the job interview anxiety will fade away.


3. Eat Breakfast

plate of bacon eggs and beans on table next to fork and juice

If you’d like your interview to go positively, you need to start the day on a positive note, so why not eat a great meal? Choose your favorite breakfast food, whether it’s something healthy like a smoothie or comfort food like bacon and eggs.

As long as you eat something that you enjoy before the interview, you’ll have the energy to do a good job, and you won’t have to worry about a growling stomach.

4. Positive Self-Talk

The way you speak to yourself will affect your actions, so it’s always best to avoid negative thoughts and focus more on the positive ones. Embracing positive self-talk before an interview can be the difference between getting the job and being rejected, so instead of thinking negatively about the interview, turn it into a positive experience.

It’s important to concentrate on being excited about going for a job interview. After all, you’re not going to get every job you apply for, but you can learn from the experience.

5. Listen to Music

Before going to a job interview, listen to your favorite uplifting music, whatever pumps you up, be it Taylor Swift or Beyonce. Can’t find your favorite song? Simply download it before the big interview by using one of these music download apps for Android and iPhone. Listening to music not only enhances your mindset, but also does wonders for your confidence.

Plus, putting on your favorite soundtrack can distract you from feeling the nerves as the interview draws nearer. Fill your ears with excitement and energy to get you in the right mood before your interview, and the anxiety will disappear. Maybe you can even dance away the nerves.

6. Do Some Exercise

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Doing some exercise before an important job interview can do wonders in terms of getting rid of anxiety and stress. Whether you just take a brisk walk around the block, go for a lengthy jog, or do some yoga in your living room, it’ll release positive endorphins and calm your nerves.

Even just a short stroll can clear your head, plus, you’ll get a healthy dose of fresh air and vitamin D.

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7. Plan Something Post-Interview

According to science, negative emotions, like anxiety and stress, can be reduced if you’re anticipating a positive event. This is why planning to treat yourself after an interview is so important.

Think of something you’d be eager to get an interview done for. Is it lunch out with a friend? Your favorite movie? A visit to the beauty salon? Whatever you choose to do post-interview, prepare to do it once you’re done with your interview, so you have something exciting to look forward to.

8. Try the STOP Technique

The STOP Technique is a mindfulness trick to calm you down during a stressful situation. Here’s how it works:

S: Stop. Stop whatever you’re doing, and pause.

T: Take. Take a few deep breaths, and follow your breath in and out of your nose.

O: Observe. Observe what’s happening inside and outside of your body, mind, and emotions.

P: Proceed. Proceed to do what you were doing or change course depending on what you observed.

This technique is vital if you’re feeling overwhelmed before an interview because it allows you to stop and take control, and not allow the stress and anxiety to overcome you.

9. Call a Loved One

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There is nothing that will help you get rid of pre-interview anxiety more than a few words with a caring friend or family member. Sometimes, because we’re so nervous, we get wrapped up in negative thoughts. That’s why it’s best to turn to our loved ones, who will shower us with positive words.

Fundamentally, if you cannot give yourself enough positive self-talk to boost your confidence before the interview, turn to your loved ones to do it for you.

10. Breathe

Is your breathing shallow or shaky? If you do feel like you’re getting overcome with anxiety, don’t panic. Breathe in slowly through your mouth and out through your nose a couple of times. This simple breathing exercise will help you to calm your nerves and feel less jittery.

By using an easy breathing technique to control your breathing, you can regain your focus on the interview and get your head back in the game.

Tackle That Interview Anxiety Head-On

It’s impossible not to feel a level of anxiety and nervousness before a job interview, and even though anxiety can sometimes be motivational and give you a boost of energy, it can also cause your interview to go bad.

So use these helpful tips to stay calm and collected, and if that overwhelming feeling comes over you, stop, breathe, and center yourself. You can do it!

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