10 Data Scientists that Tech Enthusiasts can Follow on LinkedIn

by Sayantani Sanyal

January 18, 2022

Data scientists

Follow these top data scientists on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest tech updates.

For modern businesses, data science has become a crucial ingredient that is driving efficiency and productivity in their operations. The survival of businesses in this digital age has unlocked the true potential of this technology that in turn opened unprecedented opportunities for all the industries. The job of data scientists is of utmost importance as they are responsible for utilizing techniques like information management, data mining, and data analysis to draw out valuable insights from structured and unstructured datasets. Considering the demand for data science, tech enthusiasts tend to subscribe to popular tech article blogs and personal tech blogs by data scientists or other eminent data professionals to stay afloat on the latest technological developments in the domain. So, in this article, we have listed the top data scientists that these tech enthusiasts can follow on LinkedIn.

  • Vin Vashishta: Vin is one of the biggest data science, machine learning, deep learning, and AI personality within the tech domain. He possesses more than 20 years of experience in data science and AI and has successfully established himself as a trusted leader in data science and machine learning. He is the founder and chief data scientist of V-Squared Data Strategy, which adds to his portfolio of being a trusted data science leader.
  • Caitlin Smallwood: Caitlin Smallwood is a versatile data science and data engineering executive who possesses the experience of working in big tech organizations like Netflix. She is passionate about driving value to people’s businesses through data, analytics, algorithms, and other related technologies. She has participated in several business strategy decisions and discussions has led teams of talented business and data professionals and have inculcated strong leadership skills in others.
  • Kirk Borne: Kirk Borne is the chief science officer at DataPrime Inc and was formerly a professor of astrophysics. He is one of the top data science, data mining, and machine learning influencers in the social media landscape. Kirk is well-known for posting about the latest and the most exciting data science updates, including comprehensive tools, learning resources, and other news updates on machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence.
  • DJ Patil: DJ Patil is a former data scientist at the White House. He has held various roles in academia, industry, and the government. He was appointed by President Obama to be the first US Chief Data Scientist where he established approximately 40 chief data officer roles across the Federal Government. He has contributed actively to national security and was being awarded the Department of Defence Medal for Distinguished Public Services that is the highest honour the department presents to any civilian.
  • Arthi Suresh: Arthi Suresh is the data science manager at Facebook. She is passionate about detangling complex problems to build powerful products. Arthi is particular about products that aim to facilitate education, knowledge-sharing, and commerce for small businesses. She focuses on building teams of data scientists to understand the values and needs of the various communities through enhanced recommendations, comment ranking, and understanding complex user, admin, and creator dynamics.
  • Carla Gentry: Carla is a product evangelist and data scientist who specializes in comprehensive customer satisfaction and retention analysis, brand research and competition analysis, employee retention research and so much more. Her specialization in data analytics focuses on making businesses draw out actionable insights from large datasets. She has worked as a freelance data scientist for more than 6 years in her impeccable career of over 20 years.
  • Ronald van Loon: Ronald van Loon has contributed immensely to the field of digital transformation. He is an author of several leading websites and often speaks at high-profile events and conferences. He continuously pursues developments and updates on domains like big data, predictive analytics, 5G, cloud, IoT, and data science, to name a few. He is also quite influential when it comes to advocacy on customer service and customer experience.
  • Craig Brown: Craig possesses over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He is a big data expert and is a prominent tech consultant. He is also an author of a best-selling book that deals with self-discovery and tools that can drive a leader towards success.
  • Jules Polonetsky: Jules is the CEO of the Future of Privacy Forum that deals with privacy leadership and scholarship, promoting principled data practices. His focus areas range from online data use, digital security, smart grid, mobile data, and other tech-related domains.

Jeremy Waite: Jeremy Waite is one of the top data science influencers in the industry. His authority in data science expertise helps him share useful content on analytics that has proven to be helpful for several other data science aspirants.

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