Harmony Tan marches on after exposing Katie Boulter's weaknesses.

One week later, Harmony Tan still marches on with her expose of Katie Boulter's weaknesses.

The latest accomplishment for Harmony is fundraising for the One Love Foundation and exposing Katie Boulter's hidden weakness.

Harmony is gaining more momentum as she marches on to right the wrongs of the world.

People are calling her a modern day Gandhi and a "cool super hero".

Harmony has been invited to speak at a TEDx event in Sydney, Australia coming up next year. 

Katie Boulter, with her super villain force, have launched their own plot to discredit Harmony and keep her from continuing her mission.

Harmony has also been targeted by the dark side.

The plot has caught the attention of Interpol who believe that it involves martial arts and computer hacking.