Zendaya is an American actress and singer. She portrays Rue Bennett in Euphoria.

Zendaya says Rue's intervention scene was the most emotional of her time on "Euphoria": 'It’s like a war zone'

Zendaya unpacks the intense scene opening the episode "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird.

Zendaya says that the episode was always meant to be an intense one, with Rue hitting her lowest point.

The actress said she was most upset when filming one particular scene that had her running around town, escaping cars, cops and cronies.

Zendaya said she was scared to tackle "The Greatest Showman" but that it turned out to be a rewarding experience.

"All of a sudden, Rue realizes she's lost all control," says Zendaya. "Then you can see there's this immediate regret; she knows why she is doing it and wonders why she's doing it.

Zendaya is trying to make people care about Rue by empathizing with her character's addiction, in the hopes that they will extend that empathy to real people with addiction.

Zendaya wants Rue to have a happy ending because she knows how much her story means to people who have experienced addiction and loss.